In an attempt to encourage more members to participate in the Hill Running Grand Prix events, for 2019 the committee agreed to increase the overall number of races in the Grand Prix and to include all six Scottish Hill Running Championship events. This means that for 2019 there will be a total of 17 races in the Hill Running Grand Prix. In the event of any of the designated events not proceeding, an equivalent alternative will be substituted.

The selection of races has been carefully considered to tempt more of you to try out hill running. We have deliberately chosen mainly shorter races in the first few months of the year to give you an opportunity to gain experience and increase your confidence in running in the hills.

The Grand Prix series is open to all members, regardless of ability. We would encourage people to take part in the races and enjoy a day out in the company of other club members.

To qualify as a completer at the end of the year members must complete 7 races, of which one must be a medium race and another a long race (or medium race of at least 9 miles). Remember you need to complete at least one medium race to qualify for the ARC.

We hope that these changes will make it easier for members to fit in the required number of races. As in previous years, club vests must be worn for points to be awarded.

You should also read the Carnegie Harriers Hill Running Guide 2019 and the Hill Grand Prix Rules 2019, both of which can be found in the members’ only section of the website.

Please do not hesitate to speak to any of the committee if you have queries about the Grand Prix or send an email to


1. The events to be included in the Hill Running Grand Prix Series will be decided by the Committee with guidance from the Hill Running Captain.

2. The Hill Running Grand Prix will comprise a range of distances and standards of competition and a balance of local and national events. Due consideration and recognition will be given to national event series where appropriate e.g. Scottish Hill Running Championship.

3. The Hill Running Grand Prix will be open to all members, regardless of ability.

4. The Hill Running Grand Prix will be held over a calendar year (i.e. 1st January to 31st December).

5. The Hill Running Grand Prix will consist a total of 13 events, with the best 7 scoring events to count, of which one must be a medium race and another a long race (or medium race of at least 9 miles).

6. Separate prizes will be awarded in each of the following categories:

Female: Open (any age); 40 to 49; 50 to 59; 60 and over.

Male: Open (any age); 40 to 49; 50 to 59; 60 to 69; 70 and over.

In the Open category, prizes will be awarded to the first three overall placed members in the points table irrespective of age group, thereafter the awards will be determined by age group, subject to members achieving the minimum number of qualifying races.

7. Qualifying age will be a member’s age as at the date of the first event in the Hill Running GP in the year of competition.

8. Points will be awarded on the basis on which members finish in an event, by gender but irrespective of age, as follows: 50 points for 1st home, 49 for 2nd, 48 for 3rd etc. with all competitors scoring at least 1 point for completing an event.

9. The winners will be the members with the highest number of points in the open competition and each age and gender category.

10. No member may receive more than one award in the Grand Prix series.

11. Club vests must be worn in Grand Prix events otherwise no points will be awarded.*

12. Points will not be awarded to any member who runs a Grand Prix event with a dog.

13. There will be an award made to every member who takes part in the minimum number of 7 counting events in the Grand Prix.

*N.B. Although club vests must be worn, members should wear clothing (under or over their vests) appropriate to the conditions.

Best 7 out of 13 to count