This competition was introduced in 2006 to encourage club members to discover there is more to running than roadwork alone.  The purpose of the All Rounder Competition (ARC) is to recognise those club members who have performed well against their peers throughout the calendar year (i.e. 1st January to 31st December).

To reflect the All-Rounder title, the competition is set across different distances and event types including road, hill and cross country, trail and multi-terrain. Each present their own set of challenges ensuring that the award winners can truly claim to be all-rounders.

From 2017 onwards, the following guidelines will apply to identify which events fall into each category, all of which will be included in the two GP series outlined above:

  1. “Road” will consist of those races based entirely on roads or good quality vehicle tracks;
  2. “Hill” will consist those races listed in the Hill GP;
  3. “Cross Country” will consist of those races that contain “cross country” in the title. “Trail” or “Multi-Terrain” will consist of those races where there is a mixture of terrain, including off-road tracks less than a vehicle wide.

To qualify for the ARC, members must complete two events within each classification, generally a shorter race and a longer race as outlined in the ARC rules and/or indicated in the GP event listings.

Further information on age categories, scoring etc. are detailed in the ARC Rules. Please speak to Phil Smithard, ARC Convenor, if you have any queries about the ARC.